( see. ) : instagram roundup; march madness

Instagram Roundup; March Madness

It's been way too long! March was a crazy, crazy month on my part and it's been WAY too long since my last post! There were so many things going on this last month and if you've kept up with me via Instagram (@amandahumbolt) you've seen there in addition to being super busy with work, I've also been super busy outside of work.

March was filled with weekly pizza nights, homemade dinners, lots of good beer, and so much more! Take a peek at my favorite moments of the month with the Instagram roundup, and keep your eyes peeled for a lot more posts coming this month, especially with the beginning of Spring (or, at least finally feeling like it!).


( see. ) : upcoming - green with indie, an eco-friendly craft show

Upcoming - Green With Indie; featuring Juxtapose Vintage

One of the surefire ways to tell that Spring is on its way is the arrival of the Green With Indie Craft Show. Each March, this eco-friendly market, presented by the St. Louis Craft Mafia, descends on Grant's Gym at Webster University, showcasing a wide variety of vendors from all around the Midwest region.

What sets Green With Indie apart from other craft shows is that they were the first in the St. Louis area to make a focus on being eco-friendly, sourcing only the finest sustainable vendors for the show. Whether you're a handmade vendor re-purposing materials, or a vintage seller ensuring that history isn't tossed in a dumpster, GWI finds the best and brings them together for this not-quite-spring show.

This year is the second year that my little vintage baby, Juxtapose Vintage, has had the honor of participating in this truly amazing event. Come see us on Saturday, March 8th from 10a-5p to browse all of our newest finds. The past couple weeks we've been putting in a lot of hours on the hunt for the best items to showcase at GWI and can't wait to be surrounded by this year's stacked lineup!

Green With Indie Craft Show
(Website | Facebook | RSVP | Hashtag: #GWI)
When: March 8th, 10a-5p
Where: Grant's Gym @ Webster University
175 Edgar Road
Webster Groves, MO 63119

Admission: Free!





( home. ) : instagram roundup; february favorites

Instagram Roundup; February Favorites

With February out of the way and March already four days in, I'm rounding up my favorite Instagram shots from my adventures. Whether it be from dining out, grabbing drinks with friends, or just around the house, these were my favorite moments of the month. And it was a month filled with a lot of pizza nights, a lot of donuts, and a lot of great craft beer!


( home. ) : happy blogiversary! celebrating one year

Happy Blogiversary! Celebrating one year @ ( eat. see. home. )

It's hard to believe that it's already been a year. I knew that ( eat. see. home. )'s one year was coming up, but as I looked back through my history, I couldn't believe that it's TODAY. One year ago I launched this blog after a lot of brainstorming, second-guessing, and name changing. In the past, I had stopped and started blog projects, but nothing really stuck...until this one.

( eat. see. home. ) was a project I undertook after continually getting asked on Instagram for recipes and more details about the food pictures I shared, the places that I ate out at, and a glimpse inside my apartment. In the beginning, it was never something I thought would take off the way that it has, but the blog has definitely grown up a lot in this year. Even though I took a bit of a hiatus mid-year, it is still so much further than I had ever imagined it to be.

Over the past year I have been able to make connections with other bloggers in the area and develop friendships and learn valuable lessons from them. There have also been a lot of restaurants I have eaten at, even some that I had been able to preview. I have shared recipes (though, I don't even pretend to be great at writing them, or preparing complex dishes), and talked about events and business that are special to me.

Most importantly, this past year at ( eat. see. home. ), I have continued to write content that is truly genuine to me. This blog has always, 100% been a true reflection as to who I am, and has always been a glimpse into my personal life, by way of the things that I enjoy. I pride myself on that and never want to stray away from that. Writing for the blog has been such a wonderful creative outlet to me, and I'm just lucky that y'all like to read it!

With one year under my belt, here's to many more years and many more opportunities. This year has already started off big, with the addition of #brunchclubstl and being able to work with The Pulitzer Foundation for the Arts to help promote their Reset series. And I only have more planned!

I couldn't have kept it up without everyone who continues to visit and makes this even more special for me. So stay tuned; the future for ( eat. see. home. ) is big and bright!

1) A Warm Hello with Spicy Black Bean Chili: The post that started it all!
2) Preview - Central Table Food Hall: One of my favorite restaurants, and one of my favorite reviews.
3) Discrawlin' In the Delmar Loop: I collaborated a bit with Dishcrawl, for both Lafayette Square and here, in the Delmar Loop.
4) Reset Roundup - Creating a Personal Art Experience for Everyone: As a Friend of the Pulitzer, I helped to promote this new series at The Pulitzer Foundation for the Arts. A week of unique programming that made me remember why art was so important to me.
5) Introducing - #brunchclubstl: A longtime idea of mine finally came to life with the support and appetite of my friends.




( eat. ) : put an egg on it - brussels sprouts and kale hash

Put an Egg On It - Brussels Sprouts and Kale Hash

I love kale. No joke, I really do love kale. And I love Brussels sprouts. While I know both of these vegetables are getting a lot of trendy attention lately, I have a deep rooted adoration for both of these superfoods. It took me a long time to realize how much that I loved both of them, but when I did, look out...they're going on and in everything. If it hadn't been for my organic produce delivery service, Green BEAN Delivery, I don't think that I would appreciate either of them the way that I do. Brussels sprouts were always mushy and covered in cheese in my mind, and kale only went in smoothies, right? Wrong. For this edition of the Put An Egg On It series, I'm putting these two ingredients together for a superfood packed meal. Something to keep you full and going all day long.

The trick behind this recipe is leaving the onions alone long enough to caramelize and get crispy. Seriously. Don't touch them, it'll be worth the wait. The other trick is using a little bit of lemon juice. If you believe me and take both of these pointers to heart, you'll have a wonderful meal in front of you.

Continue reading for this edition of Put An Egg On It, featuring Brussels Sprouts and Kale Hash. See also: Put An Egg On It - Sweet Potato Hash with Kale and Goat Cheese


( eat. ) : strange donuts, a love story

Strange Donuts, a love story

It was a little over a year ago when I read the news of a new donut shop coming to town. Not only to town, but to MY neighborhood -- Maplewood. For months I daydreamed about heading out of my apartment and strolling down Sutton to get my sugar fix. Strange Donuts was coming.

From the start, the guys of Strange Donuts have been the most genuine people a community could ever ask of their small business owners. They don't take life, or the business, too seriously. From the beginning, Strange Donuts has been about connecting to... well, everyone. After signing the lease on their spot in the heart of Maplewood's historic business district, they involved themselves in the community. All before they had a kitchen. While they worked hard at converting a former salon space into a donut shop, Strange Donuts involved themselves in the city, giving their soon-to-be followers a sampling of what they had to offer. From hosting a Pog Tournament (hello, 90s), to collaborating with Kuva Coffee and The Crow's Nest for Maplewood's Annual Coffee Crawl, Strange Donuts was there to let everyone know they were serious about these donuts.

My first taste of Strange Donuts was at the fundraiser event Strange Brews held at Perennial Artisan Ales and this was where my love for both Strange Donuts AND Perennial had started. There's an entire post dedicated to that event, so I won't get hung up on that. I also won't get hung up on talking about how Perennial is my favorite local brewery in a city full of local breweries, as I can always save THAT for another day. For now, we talk donuts.


( eat. ) : #brunchclubstl heads to southwest diner

#brunchclubstl heads to southwest diner

#brunchclubstl was introduced for one mission:

To enjoy and discover as much brunch food as possible.
It's a difficult burden, but someone has to take it up. I've rounded up a group of friends to taken on this mission, and without a doubt, they've answered the call. Last month, at our the inaugural #brunchclubstl event, we gathered 'round the kitchen peninsula at my humble abode and enjoyed a pot luck meal and a very full Bloody Mary/Bloody Maria bar.

For February's #brunchclubstl, we journeyed out to discover the growing brunch offerings around the St. Louis area. The monthly adventure starts with Southwest Diner, situated in the tiny little neighborhood of Ellendale, somewhere between The Hill, Dogtown, and Maplewood. While the area isn't known for it's restaurant scene (or really much of anything at all), Southwest Diner is always brimming with activity in the few hours they are open every day for breakfast, brunch, and lunch.

Read through for pictures and how our experience was!